We’re a privately owned property service business with an increasing national footprint and our 130 highly skilled people look after our customers’ buildings and occupancy needs, so you don’t need to.

Our offers suit medium-sized businesses without the time or resources to cover the complexities and statutory obligations of their buildings, or larger companies looking for a change from inflexible, unresponsive and unstable super-large service companies. All of our customers count, so we’ll cherish you and many have trusted us for over 20 years!

We deliver building and occupancy services critical to the needs of people in the communities we serve and those at work too.

We’re proud that 92% of our customers tell us we are friendly, responsive, reliable and efficient and 98% say our people are excellent.

Our services will ensure the safe and efficient operation of your buildings, as well as ensuring statutory and regulatory compliance. We are accredited to all appropriate national and international standards.

Our technology is breaking the mould and putting you in control. Our Bio platform provides complete transparency showing you what we’re doing every moment of the day. Your real-time access into our operating systems will look and feel like they’re your own. You’ll have a single performance dashboard, a single repository for all your building relating information and all accessible to you anytime, anywhere and on any device – without any cost once you’re a customer. We’ve simplified and streamlined, giving you peace of mind that we’ve got you covered so you can focus on what you do best!

By appointing DMA to make your buildings work, you’ll be laying foundations for a long term partnership with a trusted independent supplier, supported by a deeply experienced team with a relentless focus upon you. We will be a challenging partner and will pull every lever possible to support your organisation or business.