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Powered by technology

Our industry is way behind the tech-curve and customer satisfaction has been low for years.

Our experience and our service-backed technology is tackling tradition to permanently change things for the better. We’ve automated all of our business processes to display real-time performance every moment of every day. Everyone is connected via our platform, so one version of reality prevails. We’re empowering everyone through technology.


Welcome to BiO®– our everything system

We’ve operated the major CAFM systems for 20+ years. Fed up with compromise, we developed our own platform, called BiO®. Collaborating with every part of our business, it’s taken 5 years to build, but we’ve automated all our business processes to drive conformance.

We provide automated ‘calls-to-action’ to prompt our customers, our teams and our service partners to do what’s needed. It’s our ‘everything system’ and everyone is connected in real-time and benefits from automation-enabled efficiency.

Everything you need in one place!

BiO® is available to everyone, anywhere, anytime on any device at no extra cost. All you’ll ever need is at your finger-tips. Your maintenance history, your documents and records – nothing is ever lost because everything is automatically stored. BiO® is cloud-based with open API, so we can interface with your legacy systems where needed.

BiO® empowers your business through the following features:

Better choice, control and convenience

Real-time data for better decision making. Whether it’s for 24/7 emergency callouts, small repairs, or larger projects, you can issue real-time instructions and service requests from anywhere. Your automated dashboard will provide all the real-time data you need to better monitor our performance and manage exceptions. Whatever you want, or need to know is just a click away.

Better document control

All your building related information and documents are available whenever you need them.

Access anytime, anywhere

Via any device you’ll have access to all the building information you need, whenever you need it. You’ll have complete confidence that you know what’s going on at all times.

Using data proactively

Data is collected and utilised everyday to proactively improve the operation of your buildings. We automatically and continuously assess data to spot trends and exceptions for proactive investigation. We’ll provide you with all the important ‘calls-to-action’ so you never miss what needs to be done.

Our technology is disruptive – breaking the mould and putting you in control.

Our technology is disruptive – breaking the mould by putting you in control.

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What this means for you

With BiO® you are always in control. We’ll maximise your efficiency with real-time data about everything to do with your building.

  • 24/7 access at your finger tips
  • Everyone connected in real-time
  • Real-time data and records
  • Automatic dashboard reporting
  • Complete transparency
  • Proactive ‘calls-to-action’
  • Slick document storage & retrieval
  • Historical data collection
  • Proactive exception reporting
  • Health & safety compliance