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Saving energy, cutting carbon

All the advice and support you will need to reduce your demand, install renewables and reduce greenhouse emissions.

The time for change, is now.

We must all face the stark reality of our climate emergency. Our generation carries a burden of environmental accountability like no other before us. Our planet depends upon what we all do, so we must realise our low carbon future.

Aside from our Government’s legal commitment and incentives to achieve net-zero emissions, we all have a responsibility to change too. As individuals, communities, organisations, and businesses, we must find ways to contribute. Our buildings account for 40% of our UK greenhouse gas emissions, so there’s plenty we can all do to make a difference.

We can help you determine what’s best for your buildings, from insulation and double glazing to heating, cooling, lighting, and hot water alternatives including solar PV, smart controls, and heat recovery. We’ll also assist you in accessing the Government’s and other grants and incentives available for both domestic and non-domestic projects.

A great start, but we’ve got much more to do.

Since 2009, we’ve reduced our carbon emissions by 42% in the UK. That’s a great start, but we must all do more. Only by reducing waste and transitioning from fossil fuels to renewables will we achieve our net-zero targets. You can play your part too because from 2025 gas boilers will no longer be allowed in new homes, and will be phased out elsewhere. Heat pumps and other renewable technologies will be installed instead. In our communities heating and cooling networks will emerge and expand. In commercial settings, the opportunities and solutions may be a little larger and more complex, but we have got you covered whatever your needs.

Making buildings work is what we do best, whether domestic or non-domestic. If you’re an individual homeowner, perhaps manage a housing portfolio, or own/occupy commercial buildings, then our Energy Services team will help you every step of the way, from initial audits, right through to final test and commission, all supported by our 24/7  aftercare.

// Energy Services

Come and talk to a local independent expert before you decide what to do next.

As a building owner, occupier or manager our Energy Services offer will provide you with all the advice and support you will need to make your contribution to saving our planet.


  • Advice & consultancy
  • Grant & incentives support
  • Surveys & audits
  • Detailed design
  • Equipment specification & selection
  • Equipment sourcing
  • Competitive tendering
  • Installation & project management
  • Monitoring and targeting
  • Financing arrangements