// How we do it

Using technology

Our technology is disruptive – we are breaking the mould and putting you in control. Our BiO® platform provides complete transparency, showing what we are doing for you every moment of the day.

Welcome to BiO®

Building Information Online (BiO®) is our platform for delivering and supporting our Life of Building services to our customers. BiO® provides a single point of storage for all your building information, the services we provide, statutory compliance, and much more.

Available on any device, anywhere at any time, BiO® gives a transparent view of all your buildings and service assets within them, displaying status and condition, maintenance history, statutory compliance documentations, and all planned preventative maintenance as well as reactive callouts.

Everything you need in one place!

BiO® can pay dividends for your business through the following features:

Real-time instructions

You can issue real-time instructions to DMA for any reactive tasks, including emergency maintenance, and to request estimates for larger tasks.

A single dashboard

Real-time access to a single performance dashboard, as well as a single repository for all your building related information, with easy update and retrieval.

Access anytime, anywhere

Access via any device you choose, anytime, anywhere. You will have complete confidence that your building is safe and properly maintained at all times.

Using data proactively

Data is collected and utilised so that we can proactively make suggestions to improve the operation of your buildings.

Our technology is disruptive – breaking the mould by putting you in control.

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What this means for you

With BiO® you are always in control. You can maximise efficiency with access to real-time data about anything and everything to do with your building. Make requests whenever you need to and from wherever you are – our dashboard is accessible around the clock on all devices.

  • 24/7 access at your finger tips
  • Track project progress
  • Easy paper work
  • Certificates all in one place
  • Single source of contact
  • Complete transparency
  • Genuine real-time reporting
  • Historical data collection
  • Proactive hazard reporting
  • Replacement forecasting 
  • PDA based health & safety