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Net Zero Challenges and Solutions for Heritage Sites

Preserving our rich cultural heritage while striving for a sustainable future presents a unique set of challenges for heritage sites. As the world moves towards achieving net-zero emissions, these treasured landmarks face a delicate balance between environmental responsibility and the preservation of their historical integrity.

Reducing your reactive maintenance costs

Strategies for reducing reactive maintenance costs, including preventative maintenance, risk-based maintenance, condition-based maintenance, and the use of technology.

The Future of Proptech

Better building performance and enhancing the occupier experience through proptech.


A good commercial HVAC preventative maintenance plan can save you money, extend the life of your HVAC system, and create a safe environment.

Attracting and Empowering Women into Facilities Management Careers

More and more, we are seeing women who are excelling in careers and industries that men once dominated. And facilities management is no exception.

Asset Registers: The Power of a Comprehensive Asset Register

An asset register is a valuable tool for any organisation. It enables you to record and maintain both the financial and non-financial information of a particular asset and allow it to be verified at any given time.

The dangers of cutting FM budget

by Steve McGregor, Managing Director, DMA Group The senior leadership teams across schools, colleges and universities

DMA Group – leading the way to change the UK building maintenance industry

Why are we different?Low customer satisfaction has plagued the UK building maintenance industry for years. Increasing

DMA are changing the UK maintenance industry

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