If you’re a site manager, chief engineer, production manager or facilities manager looking for a property service specialist with the track record to create and maintain the built environment you need to operate your manufacturing or industrial business, then you need look no further.

We look after a diverse customer base that delivers printing, packaging, metalwork, assembly, research and development, train servicing, pharmaceutical, shipping and ports, plastic extrusion and plasterboard for example and for whom the integrity of their buildings and the services that supply them are key to the continuity of their business.

We know that our 24/7 emergency callout and repairs service is vitally important to your operation, so we will ensure that our skilled people are to hand as quickly as possible to resolve any problems that arise.

Health and safety is embedded throughout our business, which means everyone, every task every day. Our technology systems bring that conformance to life, as well providing you with an unrivalled level of transparency and reporting.

Our cloud-based customer portal will provide you with an online dashboard to summarise our MI and KPI’s. In effect, the depth of real-time access you will have into our systems, will look and feel like you’re using your own system.

So if you’re seeking an experienced company to look after all of your premises and technical services requirements, then we look forward to hearing from you.

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