We have served the education sector for many years and recognise the challenges, as well as the opportunities.

Headteachers, principals, vice chancellors, governing bodies and staff face increasingly difficult decisions to balance the books, whilst effectively looking after your premises and facilities alongside your other financial demands.

We recognise that education budgets remain under continuous pressure, so you are forced to continuously scrutinise your non-curricular spend, whilst trying to reconcile the difficult dilemma of also maintaining safety and wellness within an environment conducive to students learning.

Our Experience

Our significant experience in primary and secondary schools, academies, colleges and universities in both the public and private sector gives us great insights; in each we have found valued ways of maintaining their statutory compliance, yet still finding efficiencies.

One such example is through co-working, which enables us to work seamlessly with your full or part-time caretakers, building and premises staff as appropriate to share maintenance tasks.

Our Approach

Building management is complex and carries lots of personal responsibility, so we seek to simplify and streamline as far as possible. You will also have access to our online customer portal that will provide you with summarised performance metrics.

Our handheld technology, resource management systems and our 24/7 customer care team enables us to ensure you will have the highest levels of transparency and productivity – this could be extended to include your own premises and service staff too.

We have become valued and trusted advisers in all technical services and building maintenance matters. We are your experts, covering everything from planned maintenance to emergency breakdowns and from small repairs to larger projects. We will be your single point of contact and advice for all property matters.

We also recognise that many schools don’t have deep building maintenance familiarity, in-house property specialists or skilled service teams available to them, so we will provide clear easily understood advice and guidance to suit.

Increasingly we are being asked to consider a wider service scope, by delivering managed service solutions that cover other support services, including the management of other specialist suppliers. In effect becoming your single service provider.

So whether you’re simply looking for us to maintain your single gas boiler at a single school, or considering a deeper more comprehensive review of your current service costs and structures across a larger multi-site academy or multi-campus university portfolio, we would be delighted to hear from you.

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