Empowering the Next Generation: DMA’s Participation in the MidKent College Zero and Green Careers Fair

DMA is passionate about inspiring and shaping the architects, builders, and innovators of tomorrow. Recently, DMA participated in the MidKent College Zero and Green Careers Fair. The event, aimed at promoting technical education and boosting awareness about sustainable practices, gave students a unique opportunity to learn about the built environment sector. With a strong commitment to empowering the younger generation, we are always keen to share insights about the diverse opportunities that this sector can offer.

Throughout the day, students engaged in meaningful conversations and attended talks with industry leaders, including DMA’s Managing Director Steve McGregor, and Energy Services Director Kevin Mcguane. These interactions provided an in-depth understanding of the built environment sector. The students were introduced to a variety of career paths, with a particular emphasis on the role of technical education in driving sustainable practices.

As a former electrical engineering student at MKC some 44 years ago, I still recognise the great start it gave me. The built environment presents huge opportunities for young people, not only because it’s a great sector to work in both nationally and internationally, but there’s a huge skills shortage too. And as MD of a local business, and local employer celebrating our 220th anniversary this year, we’re keen to share our experiences and opportunities to inspire the next generation.’  – Steve McGregor, Managing Director, DMA Group

One of the highlights of the day was the engaging discussions around Rye, Winchelsea & District Hospital – the UK’s first carbon-neutral community hospital, reflecting the transformative potential of pursuing a green career.

Addressing the Skills Shortage

Events like the MidKent College Zero and Green Careers Fair are vital in addressing the existing skills shortage in the built environment. They play a pivotal role in inspiring students and showcasing the myriad opportunities within this field. By creating a platform for industry leaders and students to interact, it opens up a world of possibilities for students, providing them with the knowledge and insights necessary to build a successful and sustainable career. Furthermore, it serves as a crucial strategy to bridge the skills gap by introducing students to technical education, highlighting its significance in driving innovation and sustainability. With a rapidly evolving industry and the urgent need for green initiatives, there has never been a better time to invest in the future workforce through such valuable educational experiences.

As a local business, we deeply believe in the importance of supporting these events and investing in the potential of students. We recognise that the youth of today are the trailblazers of tomorrow, positioned to lead the built environment towards a more sustainable future. Supporting these events is not just about nurturing the next generation’s technical education; it’s about embedding the seeds of creativity, innovation, and responsibility towards the environment.

Engineering Apprenticeship Programmes at DMA

Our apprenticeship programme is one of the ways we actively foster this nurturing environment. We provide opportunities for students to gain hands-on experience in real-world projects, learning how to integrate sustainability in every aspect of their work. Through this programme, our apprenticeship students are introduced to the intricate dynamics of the sector, encouraging them to think critically and innovate boldly. We believe in the power of learning by doing and the profound impact it has on shaping a student’s career trajectory.

In conclusion, it’s evident that the future of the built environment lies in the hands of our youth, the students we nurture today. By fostering technical education and providing real-world experience through apprenticeship programmes like DMA’s, we are sowing the seeds of sustainable innovation. We are proud to play a part in shaping the minds of these future professionals, equipping them with the skills and knowledge to drive our industry, and indeed, our planet towards a greener future. The MidKent College Zero and Green Careers Fair is a testament to this commitment.