William Harvey Hospital


East Kent NHS Trust – Working via Cardy Construction.

Completion Date:

November 2015

Project context:

£185k; DMA provided electrical installation to new generator standby facility at one of the hospital’s HV sub-station / LV switch room locations, as part of an infrastructure upgrade.

The installation of a HV transformer and HV switchgear, together with LV switchboard and   generator control and changeover panels.

Supply and installation of all cabling, and the migration of critical circuits on to the newly installed panels. Testing, commissioning and full completion documentation.

Provision of temporary generators whilst the works were undertaken to maintain life critical   supplies and systems.

Project Scope:

  • Electrical: HV / LV electrical installations, gas suppression systems, fire alarms, control panels and wiring, cabling and cable jointing of existing services. Design and provision of a temporary generator and up system for critical services that were required to stay operational.
  • Builders Works: Cardy Construction (Principal Contractor).


DMA delivery partners: Customers professional advisers:
Construction design: n/a Nifes Consulting
Civils & Construction: n/a
Builders Works:   n/a
Project Manager:  DMA Cardy Construction (Principal Contractor)
Quantity surveyor  DMA Cardy Construction (Principal Contractor)

Customer benefits:

  • Works executed with DMA onsite engineering team that were familiar with the hospital working environment.
  • DMA team’s understanding of the restrictions working in this type of environment, meant minimal impact on the NHS Trust Team’s time and effort.
  • DMA team’s understanding of UKPN HV process alleviated any possible time lost on program and planning.
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