CNN, Turner Broadcasting


CNN & Turner Broadcasting

Project context:

To provide mechanical, electrical and building solutions to their London Headquarters and outside broadcasting buildings located around London.

Project Scope:

  • To help deliver ongoing changes within their building carrying out the design and delivery of the individual department requirements.
  • We have completed works such as upgrades to the air conditioning, desk power distribution, replacement of non-compliant equipment to current legislation.
  • DMA are also carrying out a full test and report of the building electrical infrastructure and sub-circuit wiring. This is being carried out both during normal working hours and at night & weekends in order to minimise disruption for the clients.
  • The culmination of this is to carry our a full building integration test to prove that all essential services work together.
  • DMA regularly meet with the client’s FM manager to discuss the building needs, looking at ways to change and adapt the infrastructure to accommodate new TV channels and the constant moves within the building work place environment.

DMA delivery partners:

  • Mardix Switchgear
  • Chloride UPS
  • Bells Generators

Customer benefits:

Our team on site are adapt to working in the live TV environment and in 2016 we were involved in the refurbishment of the CNN broadcasting floor. The biggest challenge was to revamp a complete floor while maintaining silence when the news channel was broadcasting. Our team work at all sorts of times during the day and night, and at weekends, to ensure successful delivery.

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