Our systems

For us technology has two primary drivers:

  • To continually improve our customer service
  • Our relentless pursuit of efficiency and productivity

This focus enables us to strike the balance between remaining a sustainable, profitable business whilst also delivering long term reduction in the cost of our services. We invest significantly in the development of our chosen systems and work in partnership with our technology providers to advance and enhance our performance. Our systems include:

  • Service Manager our hub system and central database of all sites, assets, scheduled jobs and any transactional information
  • Breathe our file storage and retrieval system for all documents relating to our people
  • Cloud Portal our online, real-time, customer access into ‘Service Manager’ (e.g requesting a new job, enquiring of job status, reviewing KPI’s, service histories etc)

Service Manager (SM)

SM is our computerised maintenance management system. It’s primarily used by our Customer Care Team and our field engineers via their smartphone apps. Our Customer Care Leaders combine their own detailed contract knowledge, the tools and data available on SM and close liaison with our engineers to provide an efficient and customer focused service. SM enables us to:

  • Measure real-time customer satisfaction
  • Ensures our engineers always perform pre-start health and safety risk assessments
  • Electronically tag assets and locally store asset data
  • Instigate immediate emergency response
  • Use GPS to track our engineers and maintain live smartphone live-links
  • Extend system access to our supply chain partners
  • Real-time, instantaneous reporting
  • Plan and distribute work schedules to engineers and customers in advance
  • Schedule PPM visits over the term of the contract
  • Immediate estimates for additional works while the engineer is still on site
  • Manage spares inventory

Let’s explore the key functionality of Service Manager in a bit more detail:

Asset data is stored and updated within SM. You can access it via an e-tag or our Cloud Portal. Our asset verification exercise ensures completeness and plant condition to support lifecycle and critical maintenance programmes. Our verification team will also capture location, serial number, description, system served, manufacturer, type/model, warranty details, voltage/power rating/capacity and so on. Data is used to:

  • Ensure accurate asset register and compliant maintenance regimes
  • Construct forward maintenance plans and any immediate repairs
  • Ensure critical spares and parts availability
  • Define service and callout responses that align to your priorities

Comet GPS tracking provides a live, visual location link between our Customer Care team and our engineers. This means they can always secure swiftest and most appropriate response for you.

Smartphone Apps means all our workflow scheduling updates, critical job information and status updates are shared in real time between our Service Manager hub and our engineers. Our SM-App facility provides:

  • Live data communication with engineers
  • Monitoring and verification, in real-time with accurate on-site time recordings
  • Calculation of journey times to provide accurate site ETA
  • Electronic two way transfer of Work Orders, Work Record Sheets, HSE reports and any other electronic forms (incl. maintenance readings, risk assessments, spares orders, additional works requests)

Contract Costing is our integrated cost management software which provides financial data to generate accurate records for invoicing:

  • Budget v actual analysis
  • Labour, travel and parts consolidation
  • Generate estimates for additional works / parts
  • POs, requisitions, authorisation workflow
  • Invoice generation
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