Our Vision and how we achieve it:

We will ‘inspire our people to make buildings work’ to achieve our goals:

  • We will be the preferred employer
  • We will be the preferred supplier
  • We will win more new customers
  • We will retain our existing customers

Achieving our vision depends upon our Great People consistently delivering Great Service to our valued clients to achieve Great Results. Our culture is built around and upon shared values that shape the way we all behave as individuals. From our senior leadership team to our mobile engineers we all live the same values and behaviours.

We recruit, develop, appraise and manage performance against our values. Our reward and recognition program drives alignment, with our behaviours framework.

Living our Values

Our shared values describe who we are and what we repeatedly do. Each of our values is defined in detail, with expected competency levels. This clarity underpins our culture.

All our people have a ‘behaviours framework’ that demonstrates how to coach, embed and live our values every day.

Roadmap to Great People, Great Service & Great Results

Our internal guides describe our detailed operating systems and protocols – fundamentally ‘how’ we do things and make it happen.  Nothing is written down that isn’t agreed and executed in practice.

Giving our people the freedom to think and act and recognising them for doing a great job will help us become the preferred employer. We leverage the proven link between loyal and happy colleagues translating into loyal and happy customers.

This is crucial to achieving our preferred supplier goal. We publicly reward, recognise and appreciate our people for doing a great job – this incentivises us all towards Great Results for our customers.

We hold annual staff satisfaction surveys asking our people what they think, want and need to do a great job. This keeps them highly engaged and contributing to our collective success.

Living our Values through a Leadership culture

We have four Job Families, namely Leadership Team, Managers, Deliverers and Engineers, so we can clearly specify their expected behaviours competency.

Each competency level has clearly defined behavioural descriptors for each of our values, bringing them to life at every level. For each Job Family, our behaviour competencies are described using a 1 to 4 scale.  Level 4 being our most proficient advocates.

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