Financial Services

Exceptional Building Engineering Services for the Financial Sector

The financial sector like many others must ensure that business critical services are maintained at all times. Our history and experience allows us to demonstrate the proven track record we are rightfully proud of in this sector.

From full design and build to pre-design and refurbishment projects, our building egineering teams are able to provide the latest sustainable and energy efficient technologies.

A few of our recent projects delivered to the financial services sector

  • Canada Life, Potters Bar – resident engineers since 1999
  • Bank of Baroda, London – building services maintenance since 2009
  • Edward Simmons offices – building services maintenance since 2007
  • Bank Sephah – building services maintenance since 2005
  • UBS Broadgate, Ruddy Joinery –new build 2013/14 £1m
  • Old Mutual – fit out 2013 £0.25m
  • Prudential, Vinci – AHU/DPCV 2012

For more information on financial services customers in our building engineering portfolio please contact a member of the team